David Mc Menamy

I've been getting regular acupuncture treatments off Dermot for the last few weeks. It's such a fantastic treatment, I couldn't recommend it enough. Dermot listens to what you have to say, focuses on what needs to be done and really cares about what your needs are. Really nice man who is a credit to his profession. Couldn't recommend him enough.

Dualta O'Neill 

I would like to give my highest recommendation:
Recently I have been suffering with lower back pain /leg pain,
after seeing a doctor and two physio' specialists which gave me NO relief from the pain, a good friend of mine recommended acupuncture.
I attended Mountain View Acupuncture, 
never tried acupuncture before,
so I was very sceptical on  my first visit.
Within 24 hours of my first visit and for the first time in weeks my leg pain was gone over night, I couldn't believe it,
second visit cut my pain down by 90%

Andrew Caswell

I was attending mountain view acupuncture for a rugby injury to my shoulder I found it really helped speed up recovery.

Thanks Dermot.


June Caswell

I have been attending mountain view acupuncture for a few weeks now for depression and anxiety.

I find it really relaxing and it has helped me a lot.

I would recommend Dermot to everyone, he is brilliant at what he does and is very professional.

Laura O'Donohue

 I really enjoyed my visits with Dermot.

He was so professional and I look forward to going back to see him after the birth of my baby.

Beata Wilk 

I was a little bit concerned about using acupuncture for the first time but after suffering from huge pain in my shoulder I have decided to give it a go.

I didn't believe it is going to help straight away especially with my previous problem with shoulder when I was fighting with pain for over a week.

After 1 hour treatment there is still little bit of pain left but i could easily sleep well whole night!! To be honest wasn't expecting that this will help but I was wrong. 

Whole treatment is very professional from start to the end. Very relaxing atmosphere and individual approach to patient. Definitely be back in the future in case of any problems. Highly recommend!

Helen Conlan

I have been attending Mountain View Acupuncture for several treatments recently & found it a great alternative therapy.

I found it has really helped my general health along with my back condition.

My husband decided to try it also & he too has found it has helped his general health.

We would both highly recommend trying it. Dermot is such a nice guy.

Patrick Keane 

I would recommend Dermot to everyone.

He is very professional and it's a very relaxing environment.

I would suggest people try acupuncture before buying big Pharma drugs.

It can treat many ailments.

Katherine Worth

 I was at my wits end with chronic insomnia and had tried absolutely everything when I decided to try acupuncture.

It's safe to say I have turned a massive corner and I am enjoying many quality nights sleep.

I couldn't recommend this place more, for such a competitive price you are met with a friendly and relaxing environment with substantial and long lasting results.

Susan Reddy 

Great place, huge improvement in my husband's sinus problems would highly recommend!!

Betty Brien  

'I'm now on my 4th session of getting cosmetic acupuncture,

I'm really surprised by the effect, it improves skin texture and tone and also give deep set wrinkles a smother appearance,

I would definitely recommend it'.

Rita Markey Mc Mahon

 'Fantastic results after 1st Treatment well worth a visit'.

Ciara Grehan 

Great relaxing treatment !

Ingrid O'Callaghan  

'After a trip to the doctor and a course of antibiotics there was still no improvement in my hearing after my ear drum had burst.

It finally cleared up after your acupuncture treatment sessions.

I would recommend Dermot without hesitation. Thanks a mill'.


Paula Nevins

'I am attending Dermot for acupuncture at the moment and what a difference the acupuncture is doing for me, it's so relaxing and I'm feeling the benefit from it already.

I just love it and i will continue my weekly treatment, I would highly recommend Dermot,

avery nice man and very professional'.

Conor Hughes 

Absolutely amazing!

James Lyons 

'Loved this, Great treatment,

Will definitely go again'

Clodagh Byrne

I have been going to Mountain View Acupuncture for a couple of weeks, I am so much better, I would highly recommend it to anyone.  


''Those who knew the way of keeping good health in ancient times always kept their behavior in accordance with nature.''

The yellow emperor’s physician

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