What To Expect:

During your first visit we will meet and discuss your overall health and well-being, discuss your main complaint and I will answer any questions you may have regarding acupuncture and your treatments. 

Your first acupuncture treatment will last a little over an hour with subsequent visits lasting 45-60 minutes depending on your overall level of health and response to your acupuncture treatments.

Acupuncture treatments are usually recommended to be at least once a week, however if  your condition is chronic or very painful you may require 2-3 treatments a week for a couple of weeks in order to help make your condition more manageable.

some dietary and lifestyle changes may be suggested for you to consider in order to help speed your recovery and improve your overall quality of life and health.  

Regular acupuncture treatments make a huge difference to patients well-being, with  better quality sleep,a reduction in stress levels, more energy, improved blood circulation, increased mental clarity, increased mobility,improved memory and much more......

Before your treatment:

One of the diagnostic tools an acupuncturist will use is inspection of your tongue, so if brushing your teeth please don't brush your tongue! and remember to wear loose fitting clothing.


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