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Kym Killeen

I suffered with a lot of pain in my foot for over a year , I was told it was an accessory navicular bone
(extra bone ) I was not able to walk for a year and was in constant pain every day and was told I had to get an operation to remove the bone , after several months , several doctors told me different diagnosis . I got told I would not recover and I won’t walk again , they told me theY were not going to operate anymore and they were not going to do anything for me . After being told this myself and my family thought of anything to try help me, we decided to go to acupuncture , after my first session the swelling went straight down , 6 sessions on with Dermot I am now back walking , I could not recommend him enough , he has given me my life back , my independence and my happiness . When you think there’s no hope there really is , I will continue to go to Dermot . He is amazing There is always light at the end of the tunnel ! Mar 13, 2018. See photos in Gallery  pre- acupuncture treatments.

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